About Me

I typically like to stay active in the summer – running, rock climbing, yoga, dragon boating, tennis, volleyball – and vegetate in the winter (which I’m hoping to change!). I try to always occupy my time with different activities, whether with artsy crafts, trying out new recipes, crazy DIYs, or simply bury myself in a good book. I also love listening to music, and genuinely love all genres. I’m one of those people you find singing in the car, on the walk to work, or even at work. Sometimes it gets a bit embarrassing when I catch myself doing it, but at least it keeps people entertained.

My relationship with fitness has been a constant yo-yo: sometimes I get into serious fitness routines, while (more often than I’d like to admit) I am curled up on my bed. Mostly its due to laziness, and coming up with bizarre reasons why I shouldn’t exercise. But then I realized: life is NOT too short – its the longest thing I’ll ever do, so if I don’t take care of my body now, how will it carry me through? The hardest step is the first one, and here I am taking mine!


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