30-Day Challenge: Day #23 and #24

30-Day Challenge (Day23&24)

I got a tad lazy yesterday and didn’t post Day #23.

You see, I didn’t get to my workout until late last night. Sure, I could’ve toothpicked my eyes opened and tried to blog. But I was just so exhausted that staring at the blinking cursor would only hypnotize me to sleep. So now there’s two workout posts in one day! (I even have Songza playing in the background to celebrate – “For Shame: 80’s & 90’s Guilty Pleasures“. Oh, it’s so good!)

Yesterday was an adventurous day.

I was up bright and early (actually, it was still a bit dark out) to brave the mall for some boxing day sales. Who can resist good discounts?! I was filled with hope, anticipation, excitement, and expectation. With a coffee in hand, I geared up and zipped to the mall like a crazed shopper. Except I was disappointed. I circled, store after store, and couldn’t find anything I wanted. What? You see, I don’t plan my boxing day shopping ahead like most people do. I don’t scout each store beforehand and pick out things that I want. I just go in blind and hope for the best. Only I wasn’t lucky enough to find something I liked and on sale. I wanted to join in on the boxing day fun, but I also didn’t want to stupidly spend money on things I don’t need. What else could I do besides begrudgingly leaving the mall empty-handed?

Since it was still pretty early, I figured I’d stop by another place to find a pair of running shoes to replace the ones I have. Again, it was pretty disappointing. The shoes looked like giant rubbery tanks designed for disco clowns traveling back in time to watch the Rainbow Brite movie. Yes, I know that technical running shoes are designed for comfort and support. But my fashion snobbery has stopped me from purchasing cringe-worthy, hideous footwear. It’s a girl thing. I stared at walls and rows of ugly shoes, and couldn’t contain myself. At that point, I was laughing so hard that I had trouble getting back to my original mission. I ended up looking at workout clothes instead, and picked up a pair of fun tights.


When I’m desperate to get a new pair running shoes (I’m getting there), I may just have to suck it up and buy the least offensive pair. Right now, I’m debating between minimalist ones (which is what I have now) to supportive tank-looking shoes. Performance should be every runners’ priority, but companies aren’t making my purchase decision any easier with their ugly designs. Sigh.

It was still fairly early after my shopping extravaganza, so I decided to go hiking with my friend. Our first trail was pretty much a fail. The area was not maintained at all, and between the snow, ice, and walls of trees, we got a bit lost. She was on a mission to find this pretty wall of giant boulders by the river, and we were nowhere near it. After finding our way again, we hopped back in the car to find another trail that would take us to the Wall. The second trail was much more scenic, but we were also threatened with falling (giant) tree branches and icicles from the recent ice storm. After a lot of tree hopping, and slipping and sliding on the trail, we finally found the Wall! From afar, the Wall looked like a colossal fortification of boulders and ice that stretched on endlessly. Up close, though, it was really, really tiny. Thankfully there were other things for us to marvel at, so we weren’t disappointed with our little adventure!


And what’s a little quest without food? After our hike, we stopped for some congee and zhaliang (fried dough with rice noodle rolled into deliciousness). Food porn!


Anyway, let’s go back to the workouts.

I had a tough time with Day #23. Not only was the workout challenging, but my Internet kept cutting out! I was really annoyed with having to reset my router every 5 minutes, so I did part of the workout without my YouTube personal trainer screaming at me. I had music playing in the background instead, and sometimes singing along to a good song really makes the 50 seconds go by a lot quicker. There were a lot of one leg push-ups (or variations of it), and that really sucked. I wonder if I’ll be strong enough one day to actually like them. Eh, probably not.

Day #24 was exactly the same as Day #1. Maybe Lisa got tired, too? But going through the same workout the second time was much easier. I was definitely moving faster and lifting more than I was on Day #1, so it’s nice to see how far along I’ve come (even with the little hiatus). I did make the workout a bit more challenging by replacing the skipping with weighted step ups. I even went on the elliptical for 40 minutes afterwards! Why not, right? Changes take time and effort, and I’m pushing myself to the limit!

DAY #23:

Timer is set to 10 seconds rest & 50 seconds work. The first 10 seconds is a break, followed by 50 seconds cardio of choice, 10 seconds break, and 50 seconds round of an exercise (listed below).

Section 1: (Repeat x2) [Cardio: Burpees]

  1. 1/2 Burpee & Upright Row [using Barbell]
  2. Cross Incline Pushups
  3. Lunge & 1 Arm Shoulder Press – Left [using Hand Weights]
  4. Lunge & 1 Arm Shoulder Press – Right [using Hand Weights]

2 Minutes Skipping

Section 2: (Repeat x2) [Cardio: Mountain Climbers]

  1. Weighted Squat Punch & Side Punch [using Hand Weights]
  2. Tricep Bench 1 Leg Jumps (L&R Alternative)
  3. 1 Leg Push-Up, Downward Dog & Cross Knee To Elbow (L&R Alternative)
  4. Toe Touch Abs & One Over Head Ab [using Hand Weights]

2 Minutes Skipping

Section 3: (Repeat x2) [Cardio: Clean & Press]

  1. 1 Leg Push-Up , Turn & Switch Kick (L&R Alternate)
  2. 3 Point Abs
  3. Plyo Long Jump The Mat & Repeat
  4. Dead Lift & Behind Cross Legs (L&R Alternative) [using Barbell]

2 Minutes Skipping

Section 4: (Repeat x2) [Cardio: Weighted Step Ups]

  1. Elevated Spider & Cross Knee Touch
  2. Side Oblique Jumps & Push Up (L&R Alternate)
  3. 4 x Plank Row & Downward Dog & Cross Knee To Elbow (L&R Alternative) [using Hand Weights]
  4. 3 Point Tuck Abs – L&R

2 Minutes Skipping

Section 5: (Repeat x2) [Cardio: High Knees]

  1. Wide Leg Mountain Climbers
  2. Hip Swings [using Hand Weights]
  3. Clap Push Ups
  4. Legs Out Bike Abs


DAY #24:

The workout is the same as Day #1. I replaced skipping with Weighted Step Ups.


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