30-Day Challenge: Day #18

30-Day Challenge (Day18)

Damn, it’s cold outside!

Winter is officially here with the first major snowstorm. The obvious and smart thing to do is to stay home, but I chose to brave the weather and go grocery shopping instead. Driving through the storm was painful and exhausting: when my car is not busy slipping and sliding, we are trapped on the road as it transforms into a huge parking lot. I also had to distract my mom with my endless chatter, just so she could stop screaming and release her deathgrip on the dashboard and door. When we finally made it to Costco, I wanted to sleep there, eat all the sample goodies, and never leave. Sigh, of course that only happens in movies.


Oh, and here is my obligatory snow picture.

I admit that when it’s freezing, the last thing I want to do is workout. I would rather hide under the blankets, lounge in my hoodie and sweats, and sip on a nice warm beverage. It was really hard to convince myself to exercise, but once I reminded myself of all the junk I ate and drank at last night’s party, I quickly found the motivation to start.

My arms were still sore from Day #17 with the strength and weight training, so it made today a bit harder. The rounds were longer than usual today (upped to 50-seconds instead of the usual 30), and the skipping was replaced with Clean & Press or Hip/Sandbag Swings. I struggled. My body is fatigued, and I had moments where I wanted to give up so badly. But I reminded myself why I was doing this, and I pushed hard to finish it. Sigh, my arms are dead. One more day and it’s another rest day!

Here is Lisa’s workout taken her workout directly from her website with some of my modifications, and the link to her video.

DAY #18:

Timer is set to 10 seconds rest & 50 seconds work for 44 rounds. The first 10 seconds is a break, followed by 50 seconds of Clean & Press, 10 seconds break, and a 50-second round of an exercise (listed below).

There is a bonus core blast at the end for 10 seconds rest & 60 seconds work with no skipping in-between rounds.

Today’s Workout:

  1. Burpee & Plyo Box Jump
  2. Squat & Bicep Curl [using Barbell]
  3. Ladder Runs & Touch
  4. Knee Tucks & Oblique (L&R Alternative)
  5. Burpees & Push-Up’s & Tuck
  6. Plank Under Toe Touch Abs (L&R Alternate)
  7. Switch Hands & Single Leg Push Ups (L&R Alternative)
  8. Mat Jumps
  9. 3 Point Tuck Abs
  10. 1 Elevated leg Pike Push-Ups – Right Leg
  11. 1 Elevated leg Pike Push-Ups – Left Leg
  12. 10 x Mountain Climbers & 5 Push Ups & Jump
  13. Wall Squat & Shoulder Press  [using Medicine Ball]
  14. Oblique Side Push Ups – Left
  15. Oblique Side Push Ups – Right
  16. 10 High Knees & Drop Down
  17. Oblique Twists  [using Medicine Ball]
  18. Chest Press & Reverse Curls  [using Hand Weights]
  19. Small Pulse Squats  [using Barbell]
  20. Wall Walk & Push Up
  21. Scissor Abs & Feed Through Legs [using Hand Weights]
  22. Reverse Pull Ups – Feet Up Push-Ups

Bonus Core Blast: (10 seconds off, 60 seconds on)

  1. Elevated Plank
  2. Oblique Plank Twists – Right [using Hand Weights]
  3. Oblique Plank Twist – Left [using Hand Weights]
  4. High Plank Low Plank 2 x Cross Knee Touch (L&R Alternative)
  5. Reverse Plank

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