30-Day Challenge: Day #11 […and Protecting Your Shoulders]

30-Day Challenge (Day11)

Sigh, I skipped a day.

I was suffering from intense shoulder pains yesterday, and any more stress on those muscles would have led to further injuries. It was probably from a combination of stress, fatigue, and overusing my muscles, but this has been an ongoing battle for several months, with some days worse than others and sometimes with periods of no pain at all.

You don’t realize how important your shoulders are until you are experiencing an injury. Every move you make – whether you’re grabbing stuff (high or low), typing on a keyboard, and sometimes even walking and swinging your arms – all become very painful. Your shoulders are virtually used in all upper-body movements, making it more susceptible to injuries, so it’s important to protect them.


Sometimes its as simple as having your shoulders “connected”. Think of carrying a giant, heavy box with both hands. Your shoulders depress away from your ears and the shoulder blades pulls in towards your spine, enabling the power from your legs, core, and back to transfer to your arms. This not only protects your shoulder joints, but maximizes power, control, and efficiency by using your entire body. Your chest also opens up, allowing you to take deeper breaths. But sometimes you may override your body’s muscle movements and try to isolate a particular set of muscles, like your arms. When that happens, your shoulders will likely tense up (and raise up towards your ears), overstressing your muscles, and in time, may lead to injuries.

Breaking it down even simpler, it may be as easy as having a good posture. When you’re stressed, your posture deteriorates as your muscles tense up dramatically, tightening the muscles around your neck and shoulders. Your body is in fight or flight mode, releasing hormones that further contributes to the stress. Oftentimes you find your shoulders up to your ears, and your body hunched over. Catching it early on and correcting your posture will help improve and reduce the pain. I’ve always tried to make a conscious effort to relax my shoulders, but most of the time I don’t catch myself until it becomes uncomfortable or painful.

While it is important to know what can cause and how to prevent these injuries, it is even more critical to know when to give your body the time it needs to recover and relax. That is why I skipped my workout last night to let my body rest. The pain was so intense, it was moving up to my neck and head, making me feel nauseous. When I woke up this morning, the pain was gone. Funny how my body works.

Given that I felt “OK”, I decided to give Day #11 a try. I made some modifications and decreased the intensity to give my body more of a break. That doesn’t mean I’m compromising my form, or making the workout less of a challenge. I still did manage to break out a sweat by the end of it. Apparently Lisa decided to give us 2 rest days soon, so that will give me some time to catch up and get back on schedule.

Here is Lisa’s workout taken directly from her website with some of my modifications, and a link to the video.

DAY #11:

Timer is set to 10 seconds rest & 30 seconds work for 70 rounds. The first 10 seconds is a break, followed by 30 seconds skipping, 10 seconds break, and a 30-second round of an exercise (listed below).

There is a Strength & Conditioning Core & Mixed Muscle Bonus after the 70 rounds, where the timer is set to 10 seconds rest & 50 seconds work for 12 rounds (no skipping in between rounds).

Today’s Workout:

  1. Weighted Plyo Jump, Squat & Bicep Curl Turn [using Hand Weights]
  2. 1/2 Burpee & Monkey Push Up
  3. 2 x In & Out Abs & 2 x Jump Out Leg Push Ups
  4. 2 x Ski Abs & 1 Spider Push Up L&R
  5. Mountain Switch Kick Toe Touch (L&R Alternate) [using Hand Weights]
  6. Ninja Tuck Jumps or Burpee’s
  7. Seated C Circle Ball Abs [using Medicine Ball]
  8. Left Arm Plank & Front & Fly Lift [using Hand Weights]
  9. Right Arm Plank & Front & Fly Lift [using Hand Weights]
  10. Push Up & Plyo Box Jump
  11. Elevated Cross Leg Push Ups
  12. Walking Pike Abs
  13. L&R Leg Alternating Triceps Dips – Feet Up
  14. Commando Roll & Mountain Push Ups
  15. Walking Staggered Push Ups
  16. Seated Tuck Ab & Body Lift
  17. 2 x Switch Lunge & 2 x Low Squat Jumps
  18. 8 Hooks High, 8 Hooks Low & 4 Rope Jumps (L&R Alternate)
  19. One Leg DeadLift – Left Leg Balance [using Hand Weights]
  20. One Leg DeadLift – Right Leg Balance [using Hand Weights]
  21. Weighted Pike Abs [using Hand Weights]
  22. Single Arm Chest Press Left [using Hand Weights]
  23. Single Arm Chest Press Right [using Hand Weights]
  24. 1 Leg Bent Over Row Left Arm [using Hand Weights]
  25. 1 Leg Bent Over Row Right Arm [using Hand Weights]
  26. Squat & Touch Opposite Toe (L&R Alternate)
  27. Tuck Abs
  28. Kneeling – Front & Side Raise [using Hand Weights]
  29. Tuck Star Jumps
  30. Cross Leg Reverse Curls – Left Leg
  31. Cross Leg Reverse Curls – Right Leg
  32. Pike Side to Side
  33. DiveBombers
  34. Touch Toes – Star Jump Legs
  35. Oblique Bend Lifts [using Hand Weights]

Strength & Conditioning Core & Mixed Muscle Bonus:

  1. Clean & Press [using Barbell]
  2. Push-Up, Side Plank & Reach through [using Hand Weights]
  3. Side to Side Chest Press [using Barbell]
  4. Bent Over Row [using Barbell]
  5. Goblet Squats [using Barbell]
  6. Left Leg Lunge – Forward & Back [using Barbell]
  7. Right Leg Lunge – Forward & Back [using Barbell]
  8. Over Head Press [using Hand Weights]
  9. Weighted Reverse Curls [using Hand Weights]
  10. Bent Over Back Push [using Hand Weights]
  11. Wide Squats [using Hand Weights]
  12. Back Lifts

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