30-Day Challenge: Day #10 […and Ghosting Parties]

30-Day Challenge (Day10)

Tonight I had to attend another work (holiday) party. Partying two nights in a row … what an animal! I wasn’t planning on staying late too late, but I also didn’t want to be a party pooper. I made small chats here and there, being polite and making conversation, while at the same time letting my eyes wander to the door to see who would crack first. You don’t want to be the first to leave. That makes you seem boring.

As the night wore on, I started to sidle closer and closer to the exit. But the laws of human interaction left me thinking – do I be polite and say my goodbyes to everyone, inevitably evolving it into obligatory small talks, or do I just ghost? Yes, I know. It’s probably rude to just leave without saying goodbye. It’s like an unwritten rule dictating our social etiquette. This moral decision has burdened so many of us, and it eats away at our subconscious minds when the time comes to leave a party. We start sweating, uncomfortably walking up closer to a group and waiting for their conversational to stop, just so we can shyly and apologetically say our thank-yous and goodbyes. Repeat. Ghosting, however, allows the social buzz continue uninterrupted. Chances are, nobody will even notice you’re gone after a few drinks. Use this with caution though – you don’t want to be doing this to your BFF, SO, children, or in very small groups. It’s very obvious when you’re gone. You’d be labelled as a bad friend. Frequent trips to the florist/jewelers are mandatory to make it up to your SO. And you’d be arrested for abandoning your child at Chuck E Cheese’s (Does that place still even exist? Do kids even go there anymore? Gosh, I’m totally revealing my age).

I ended up leaving with Sarah, so the exit was a little easier. When you leave in a pack, it makes it more difficult to make the entire group stay longer. Success. We spent the cab ride giggling and taking selfies:


We were twins!! We had the same jacket, and we were both wearing the same combination of colors underneath!

The venue was awesome though. I missed out on the food, but the view was pretty spectacular. My poor Blackberry camera couldn’t take better a better picture (and it was pitch black), but you get the idea:

TO Skyline

Yay, Toronto. Oh yes, city lights.

So it’s Day #10. I’m 1/3 of the way through!! Today’s routine was a lot shorter than the other days, and the reason for this is to give the body time to repair and recover. Apparently Lisa didn’t want us burning out just yet … she will probably leave that for the remaining 20 days. Oh boy. She must have been a bit out of it today because she messed up twice in the video, and unknowingly missed 2 skips after the exact same/repeated routine. I had a moment of panic and thought I had missed her special instructions at the beginning of the video. I thought I was a bad student for not paying attention! As if she knew I was wagging my finger at her for her mistake, she went super lightening fast in the second segment. It was like her little payback to me for my tsk-tsking, because I couldn’t even catch my breath. Damn, and I thought a shorter day meant an easier workout. What’s going to happen for the next 20 days? Yikes.



p>Here is Lisa’s workout taken directly from her website with some of my modifications, and a link to the video.

DAY #10:

Timer is set to 10 seconds rest & 30 seconds work for 28 rounds. The first 10 seconds is a break, followed by 30 seconds skipping, 10 seconds break, and a 30-second round of an exercise (listed below).

There is a Combat Burnout after the 28 rounds, where the timer is set to 10 seconds rest & 50 seconds work for 6 rounds (no skipping in between rounds).

Today’s Workout:

  1. Clean & Press + Squat & Press [using Barbell]
  2. Hip Swings [using Hand Weights]
  3. Press-up + Burpee + Tuck Jump x2 & 10 x Hook Punches  [using Hand Weights]
  4. Hip Swings [using Hand Weights]
  5. Left Arm Clean & Press [using Hand Weights]
  6. Side Jump & Side Push Up Knee Burpees
  7. Right Arm Clean & Press [using Hand Weights]
  8. Hip Swings [using Hand Weights]
  9. Press-up + Burpee + Tuck Jump x2 & 10 x Hook Punches  [using Hand Weights]
  10. Hip Swings [using Hand Weights]
  11. Touch Abs [using Hand Weights]
  12. Hip Swings [using Hand Weights]
  13. Clean & Press + Squat & Press [using Barbell]
  14. Mountain Climbers

Combat Burnout: (10 seconds rest, 50 seconds work)

  1. 100 Straight Punches (L&R Alternate) [using Hand Weights]
  2. 100 Hooks [using Hand Weights]
  3. 50 Left Standing Knee Abs  [using Hand Weights]
  4. 50 Left Standing Knee Abs  [using Hand Weights]
  5. 100 Touch Taps [using Medicine Ball]
  6. 30 Push Ups

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