30-Day Challenge: Day #5

30-Day Challenge (Day5)

Finally made it to the weekend!

My mom wanted to continue the Black Friday festivities, so I was up bright and early to continue our shopping extravaganza. I suppose this is a good time to get in all that Christmas shopping, and I managed to cross a couple more people off the list. The hardest ones are still on there, but I still have a couple more weeks before panic starts to kick in. I love giving gifts, but I am sometimes terrible at coming up with what to get. Practical? Useless but fun? Oh, dilemmas.

So I’m at Day 5 of the 30 Day Challenge. Haven’t quit yet! I managed to squeeze in that late night workout last night, so I have no excuses today. After unwrapping my amazing purchases from my shopping trip, I got right down to my workout. Today was ab day. Ugh. I suck at core workouts, but I suppose that’s where I should focus on since it’s my weakness. I was screaming and cursing at my iPad, and it made me wonder what my parents thought I was doing in my room. “Are your abs in? Are you pushing? C’mon skip! I’m watching you!!” Her constant talking actually helps motivate me to keep going, even though I keep telling her how much I hated ab workouts. It’s like she’s know when I’m about to give up, because every time I feel like stopping she screams at me to continue. I was dripping with sweat by the end of the workout, and given that its freezing in my house, that’s no easy feat. However, I do feel stronger than when I first started since I’m fitting in more reps within those 30-second rounds. Except that shoulder is still killing me. Sigh. I try to avoid stressing it too much during the workout, but I also don’t want to end up with one arm bigger than the other! I’ll have to massage that shoulder out fast and give it some time to recover.

I’ve taken Lisa’s workout directly from her BodyRock.TV website with some of my modifications.

DAY #5:

Timer is set to 10 seconds rest & 30 seconds work for 60 rounds.

The first 10 seconds is a break, followed by 30 seconds skipping, 10 seconds break, and a 30-second round of an exercise (listed below).

  1. Straight Abs [using Medicine Ball]
  2. Jack Knife [using Medicine Ball]
  3. Plank & Knee Tuck (L&R Alternate)
  4. Knee Circles
  5. Left Side Plank Tuck Under
  6. Right Side Plank Tuck Under
  7. Plank Side Touches [using Medicine Ball]
  8. Chuck & Tuck [using Medicine Ball]
  9. Plank Punches
  10. Mountain Climbers
  11. Dive Bombers
  12. V Abs [using Medicine Ball]
  13. Over Head Abs [using Barbell]
  14. High Plank – Elbow To Knee
  15. Low Plank – Elbow To Knee
  16. Left Woodchop [using Medicine Ball]
  17. Right Woodchop [using Medicine Ball]
  18. Tuck Abs
  19. Wide Leg 1/2 Burpee
  20. Plank
  21. Left Oblique Sit-Up Knee to Elbow
  22. Right Oblique Sit-Up Knee to Elbow
  23. Scissors
  24. Weighted Pelvis Lift [using Medicine Ball]
  25. Suit Case Crunches [using Medicine Ball]
  26. Plank
  27. Jump Mat
  28. Reverse Frog Abs
  29. Oblique Twists
  30. Tuck Jumps – Burnout (1 min)

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