30-Day Challenge: Day #2

30-Day Challenge (Day2)

When I woke up this morning, I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t really hurting. No, I’m not masochistic, but I do like feeling a bit sore after a workout. That means I pushed my body hard enough, but not to the point of injuring myself. Apparently you don’t really feel it until day 2, so I suppose I’ll be hurting tomorrow.

So Day 2 of the 30-Day Challenge. Nope, I haven’t given up yet. I was actually excited about getting into it again and seeing what crazy workouts Lisa had planned for today. And since I’m just as crazy and didn’t hurt from last night, I decided to do a bunch of push-ups this morning before getting ready for work. By the end of it, my arms were really tired and I didn’t know if I could carry myself to work. Note to self: do not do this again tomorrow morning.

I told my friend Sarah about my challenge – she was the one who actually got me following Lisa’s workouts (except we call her Jacklyn for some reason!). She was very encouraging and excited for me. Sharing my journey with friends helps to keep me on track and mentally support me through these workouts! The key is persistence, patience, and perseverance. Whether its a fitness goal or any other life objectives, it’s important to stay committed and dedicated in order to accomplish it. When my body gets tired midway through, I just remind myself what I’m trying to achieve, and I get a whole new wave of energy to finish the rep. Each round is only 30-seconds …so I just have to keep pushing!! That beep is coming up soon!

I’ve taken Lisa’s workout directly from her BodyRock website with some of my modifications.

DAY #2:

Timer is set to 10 seconds rest & 30 seconds work for 80 rounds.

The first 10 seconds is a break, followed by 30 seconds skipping, 10 seconds break, and a 30-second round of an exercise (listed below).

Today’s Workout:

  1. Side Jumps Lunge
  2. One Jump Forward & Two Jumps Back
  3. 10 High Knees & Drop Down
  4. Clean & Press [using Barbell]
  5. Lunge & Twist [using Medicine Ball]
  6. One Leg Push Up (L&R Alternate)
  7. Oblique Side V-Abs (L&R Alternate)
  8. Squat & Press [using Barbell]
  9. Mountain Climbers
  10. Upright Row [using Barbell]
  11. Bicep Curl & Press [using Hand Weights]
  12. Left Woodchops [using Medicine Ball]
  13. Right Woodchops [using Medicine Ball]
  14. 10 High Knees & 10 Mountain Climbers
  15. Ball Oblique Twists [using Medicine Ball]
  16. Hip Swings [using Hand Weights]
  17. Bent Over Row [using Barbell]
  18. Front Raise & Side Fly Raise [using Hand Weights]
  19. Tuck Abs
  20. Burpee, Push-Up & Jump
  21. Tricep Dips
  22. Plank
  23. Chest Press [using Barbell]
  24. Burpee, Push-Up & Jump
  25. Spider Push-Up (L&R Alternate) [regular Push-Ups halfway through]
  26. Straight Punches [using Hand Weights]
  27. Tuck Jumps
  28. Upper Cuts [using Hand Weights]
  29. Snowboard Jumps
  30. Box Taps
  31. Push-Up & Side Plank
  32. Lunges
  33. Half Burpee & Calve Raises
  34. Crunches with Leg Extensions
  35. Reverse Curls and Lift
  36. Squats [using Barbell]
  37. Jump Squats
  38. Prisoner Squats & Front Kick
  39. Straight Abs
  40. Touch Toe Abs (L&R Alternate)

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