EM(power) | ME


So here it is, the first of many rambling posts.

If there is anything you should know about me, is that I am one lazy beast. If I am not challenged or motivated, I will just vegetate on my couch/bed or proceed to eat the unhealthiest, greasiest food I can stomach. I am, by no means, a big girl. Au contraire, I am actually pretty tiny. But when the clothes starts feeling a little too tight, the body feels excessively jiggly, and the stomach protrudes a little too far, that’s when I know I’m screwed. We’ve all been there.

And that is why I always need a good challenge or goal. I need to feel EMpowered (hence the name of my blog, EM | ME). What I do (or don’t do) is a direct reflection of ME. I want to live healthy, feel strong, and be motivated for the right reasons.

So to keep motivated, I’m going to document my fitness journey. I’ll be posting my workouts, obstacles and challenges, and of course, my oddly mindless ramblings. It’s a way to keep myself on track, on paper. Well, you know what I mean. On the Internet. Forever.

I just have to remember that I have to set realistic goals, and give my body the time it needs to make the changes I want. The feeling I get after sweating through and completing a challenging workout keeps me energized and feeling ready to take on the world. It gives me greater strength and confidence in all aspects of my life. Looking and feeling sexy inside and out will just come naturally!

And most of all? ENJOYING THE PROCESS.

So off the couch I go! I’ve GOT THIS!!


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